Line Specifications 

Our facility operates two, 550-foot conveyor powder coating lines. Each line is equipped with multiple stage wash systems, single pass through dry-off, and curing ovens. In addition, either line is equipped to handle powder reclaim, should our customers specify.

The 'Front Line' is a manual spray line and can handle part specifications up to 36" W x 60" H x 144" L. 

The 'Back Line' is an automated spray line with reclaim capabilities and can handle part specifications up to 18" W x 84" H x 300"L.

Types of Coating 

We have decades of experience working with the many distinct types of powders and finishes on the market.

Our Sales Representatives will work closely with you to ensure the powder specified is optimal for your individual part requirements and application (e.g. hardness, weather-ability, mar resistance, flexibility). Our most commonly used powders are hybrids, epoxy, polyester and TGIC. 

E-Coating is available through our strategic partner relationships.

Broad Palette of Colors 

Our strategic partnerships with a variety of powder suppliers on both the local and national level assure you'll get the right finish for the job.  We access additional vendors and custom colors upon customer request. 

While our "stock" color palette is continually evolving based on market trends, below is a selection of our most commonly used colors:


Bright White 



Light Grey 

Dusty Grey 

Dark Grey 

Bloody Mary or Traffic Red 

Blue Steak II or Safety Blue

Safety Yellow




Light Grey 

Dark Grey


This is only a partial list.

We have many many more options - give us a call! 

Extensive Part Preparations


Sandblasting services are available for our customers. Smaller parts up to 36" can be handled on site in our blasting cabinet or with our portable equipment. Additionally, we have established a strategic alliance with an outside vendor to provide services as requested. 

Masking and Plugging 

We work with many customers who have detailed requirements for both masking and plugging. Our excellent quality in meeting your requirements during the preparation process is primarily supported by our customized process management software package. This software, created specifically for powder coating lines such as ours, allows for creating standards or business practices per your direction. This includes detailed instructions, photos, plug specifications and more to be recorded for each of your parts. 

Burn Off 

On occasion, our customers request old paint and/or powder to be removed prior to the final coating process. Our large burn-off oven can handle multiple parts at one time due to its size and our racking capabilities. If you should require just burn-off services please send us an email or call and our sales representative will then contact you directly to discuss your needs. 

Freight Solutions 

We work with a variety of transportation companies to coordinate the delivery and pick-up of our customers' parts. Our easy access shipping and receiving docks make it convenient for any size truck.

We are happy to work with our customers' transportation solutions, if available. 

We are proud to offer fast and reliable turnaround on our services. 5 business day turnaround on stock colors and 8 business day turnaround on custom colors* are available.  

*upon receipt of powder